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HBOT Mechanisms of Action

The basis of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is that clinical improvements are derived from inducing controlled hyperoxia.*

Cumulative Benefits

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Principal Mechanism

“Principal mechanisms of HBO2 are based on intracellular generation of reactive species of oxygen and nitrogen. Reactive species are recognized to play a central role in cell signal transduction cascades…”

“Most controlled studies have verified that the clinical efficacy from HBO2 derives from modulation of intracellular transduction cascades, leading to synthesis of growth factors and promoting wound healing and ameliorating post-ischemic and post-inflammatory injuries.”
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Neurological Mechanism

“Known mechanisms of HBOT-induced neuroprotection include enhancing neuronal viability via increased tissue oxygen delivery to the area of diminished blood flow, reducing brain edema, and improving metabolism after ischemia [28,29]. Furthermore, a recent study performed on a rat suggested that upregulation of the expression of glial derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) and nerve growth factor (NGF) might underlie the effect of HBOT [30].”
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HBOT Applicability
Within Subspecialties

Read HBOT Subspecialty Indications to learn more about which conditions can benefit from HBOT as an adjunct therapy to traditional specialized treatments.

Clinical Research
Supporting HBOT

See HBOT Research Literature to review clinical research and journal articles regarding HBOT treatment across a wide range of conditions and subspecialties.

Patient Explanation

Offer your patients a simplified explanation of why HBOT works to answer their questions about why a treatment referral might be right for them.

Asked Questions

Read the Physician FAQ to review common questions medical professionals ask about HBOT treatment and patient referrals.

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*Some of these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Further evidence is needed before mechanisms of action are fully understood and additional medical conditions are approved for HBOT treatment.