Hyperbaric oxygen therapy occurs inside a treatment chamber made of clear acrylic which gives the patient a clear view and unrestricted feeling. The patient breathes 100% oxygen while the ambient pressure is increased. This treatment helps the body’s natural healing mechanisms work more effectively.

The HBOT treatment process is straightforward and will be similar for each treatment.

  • All patients prepare for treatment by changing into a cotton gown/scrubs and laying on the chamber’s treatment bed.  Your Hyperbaric Tech will ensure that you are prepared to treat safely by obtaining your vitals and consulting with a physician.  A physician is always present in the clinic during your treatment and your hyperbaric technician will always be within sight and immediately available.  
  • From the moment you begin treatment you are able to watch or listen to a movie or your favorite streaming service as the chamber pressurizes and throughout your treatment.  Most patients enjoy audiobooks, resting, watching a show or listening to music during treatment.
  • Following treatment, clinic staff will update your doctor on your progress.

While you will be in the privacy of a single treatment chamber, your hyperbaric technician will be with you the entire time.  Should you need anything during your treatment our technicians are ready to assist.

At the beginning of treatment, you will experience a fullness feeling in your ears, like on an airplane. You will be educated before treatment on how to clear your ears so this fullness feeling goes away.

The temperature inside the chamber will increase just slightly while the chamber pressurizes, some patients don’t even notice this change. For those who do the assigned technician will be able to make the environment more comfortable.

During treatment you can relax, sleep, watch tv or listen to music.

At the end of treatment, while the chamber depressurizes, you will experience a similar fullness feeling, but you won’t need to clear your ears, they will clear on their own.

An HBOT session should be painless. If you experience any pain during an HBOT session, notify the hyperbaric technician.

An HBOT treatment session will be at a regularly scheduled time, and a typical treatment session usually takes about 2 hours.

An HBOT treatment plan varies based on patient need and is determined by the hyperbaric doctor. The decision is based on the patient’s diagnosis and their body’s response to treatments.

Most wound healing patients receive one treatment per day (Monday – Friday) for 20 to 30 days.

Yes. Your doctor refers you for HBOT treatment, and stays in charge of your care. The hyperbaric clinic’s doctor serves as a consultant, working closely with your doctor to plan and manage your HBOT treatment.

Yes, most insurance companies cover hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for approved conditions. Your clinic’s staff will assist with securing insurance verification before treatment begins.

HBOT treatment is prescribed by a physician and performed under medical supervision. Although there is a minor risk of side effects as with any medical treatment, overall hyperbaric oxygen therapy is extremely safe.

The risks of properly administered HBOT are minimal. HBOT treatments use proven methods, such as very slowly inducing pressure changes, to minimize risk and help prevent side effects.
Most side effects are not commonly experienced, and many are very rare.

These mild, generally temporary side effects can occur:

  • Fatigue
  • Ear discomfort
  • Serous Otitis (fluid collects in ears)
  • Vision changes (blurring, change in prescription)
  • Maturing cataracts

In very rare cases, more serious side effects can occur. The physician will cover these with you before your first treatment.

The Undersea Hyperbaric & Medical Society is a nonprofit organization that sets rigorous patient treatment and facility standards within the hyperbaric medicine specialty.

UHMS Accreditation means an HBOT clinic meets the highest standards of patient care and safety, which is determined through a comprehensive evaluation of each facility’s equipment, staff and training.

UHMS membership and accreditation is not a requirement. It is an elevated level of operational excellence the Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine chooses to provide for our patients. All of our clinics are submitted for and receive UHMS Accreditation.

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